How to get rid of belly fat fast.

Belly fat does not have the greatest esthetic appeal but that’s not the only reason you want to get rid of it. Belly fat points towards the presence of subcutaneous (under the skin) and visceral (around the organs) fat. Excessive fat is a health care concern as it has been shown to increase the risk of Hypertension, Diabetes, Arthritis and even Cancer.
So what can you do to get rid of it fast?
I recommend diet, exercise and meditation.
When it comes to diet, I recommend the DASH (Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension) diet. In a nutshell, this diet requires you to eat more fruits and vegetables, switch to lean meat and plant proteins, as well as limit your carbohydrate intake. For more details about the DASH diet, you can consult your doctor or speak to a Registered dietician.
For exercise, cardio is the key word. Running, jugging, cycling, swimming, etc are good examples of cardio. These exercises have your heart racing and the body sweating. It is recommended that you do 30 minutes of ‘cardio’ for most days of the week. Extreme exercises should be avoided in favor of moderate exercises. Interval exercises are also helpful. An example, is jugging at your regular pace for 2 minutes interspaced with running faster for 1 minute. Always consult your doctor to ensure that you are healthy enough to engage in exercise.
Meditation is a practice that is designed to quieten your mind. Meditation will help you remove distractions from your goal of achieving your ideal body weight. Anxiety, stress, depression, anger, frustration are some of the conditions meditation has been shown to be useful in.
The Earth breathing meditation is an enhanced breathing technique that is designed to help you focus on your breath while you are in a relaxed position such as the lotus, or even while sitting on your favorite couch or lying on your bed.
Listen here for a 20 minute gong paced deep breathing session at about 5 breaths per minute;


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