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Royal Chi affirmations


The Chi of Igbo and Africa.

The Chinese have their concept of the Chi (Qi, Xi) which can be understood as energy. The Africans also have a concept, known as the Chi, which can be understood as energy.

Three ways of being that would lead you to success..

# Earthspeech Based on hundreds of years of experience with humans on Earth, the ancient Africans identified three ways of being that leads to success; 1. Being peaceful- I bi na Udo 2. Being friendly- I di na mma (mma-mma) 3. Being thoughtful-Ako na Uche Regards, # Earthspokesman

The Chi board will help you focus on your cause.

If you have a cause or goal, you will find that you may face all types of obstructions and discouragement even from your friends.The Chi board helps you focus on your cause. Read more here;

Carnelian agate and manifesting your heart desire.

Carnelian is an Agate that has been used by Priests and Royals for centuries in Africa and around the world. Carnelia is not just jewelry or an ornament; it is a very useful meditation tool that is utilized in manifesting the desires of someone’s heart. Meditation is good for the mind and has been shown to be useful in stress, anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, high blood pressure, anger, aggression and similar emotional conditions. Read more about how to use Carnelian in; Royal Igbo Meditation;

The Chiology way to happiness

This book outlines a pathway that begins and ends with the Chi. The aim is to take the reader to a place where they are one with everything. Chiology way to happiness

How to use Carnelian in meditation

Carnelian is a gemstone used in meditation. Meditation is known to be useful in stress, anxiety, depression, ptsd (post-traumatic stress disorder), anger, frustration, high blood pressure, and similar conditions. It is also associated with improvements in quality of life (QoL). It is part of a positive lifestyle regimen and is useful in performance motivation. In Global Chiology, our intention is to use carnelian to get you to a state known in ancient times as ‘mma-mma’ which is beauty squared (beauty raised to the power of 2, beauty²). Find out more from the book; Royal Igbo meditation Click here to purchase it at amazon.

Alcohol and meditation

The human ability to metabolize alcohol is believed to date back about 10 million years ago from the need to use fermented fruit as food. Ethanol can be metabolized into acetyl CoA which can be funneled into energy metabolism pathways in the cell mitochondria. Humans make approximately 3 gm of alcohol daily from fermentation in the digestive tract and as byproducts of lipid metabolism and bile acid synthesis. At this amount, the body can, under normal circumstances, readily clear the alcohol without any clinically relevant central nervous system side effects. However, the system could be overwhelmed if about 4 times this level is ingested for all adult humans except adult males under 65 years of age who need about 8 times that or about 25grams of alcohol to potentially overwhelm the system. Acetaldehyde, the first byproduct in the main pathway of alcohol metabolism is believed to be responsible for most of the toxicity associated with alcohol abuse. For many people, stic

How to get rid of belly fat fast.

Belly fat does not have the greatest esthetic appeal but that’s not the only reason you want to get rid of it. Belly fat points towards the presence of subcutaneous (under the skin) and visceral (around the organs) fat. Excessive fat is a health care concern as it has been shown to increase the risk of Hypertension, Diabetes, Arthritis and even Cancer. So what can you do to get rid of it fast? I recommend diet, exercise and meditation. When it comes to diet, I recommend the DASH (Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension) diet. In a nutshell, this diet requires you to eat more fruits and vegetables, switch to lean meat and plant proteins, as well as limit your carbohydrate intake. For more details about the DASH diet, you can consult your doctor or speak to a Registered dietician. For exercise, cardio is the key word. Running, jugging, cycling, swimming, etc are good examples of cardio. These exercises have your heart racing and the body sweating. It is recommended that you do 30

Tip for better sleep.

Sleep is one those human activities that has baffled scientists for many decades. Well, there’s one thing we know; sleep is good for optimum brain functioning. Scientists believe that the development of deep and restful sleep in humans was a factor that gave humans a brain power edge over other animals. If you want to preserve your memory and keep your ability to make the right decisions, sleep is one activity you want to pay adequate attention to. There are many times you won’t want your memory to fail you; you are with your friends and you are keeping them engaged in your knowledge of Mike Tyson fights and you recount his bouts against Michael Spinks, Larry Holmes, Lennox Lewis but when it comes to Evander Holyfield you draw a blank and you say “the one he bit his ear.” Here are a few tips for getting a healthy night sleep; Ensure that you get 7-9 hours of sleep (Adults). New born and children require more sleep. For more information visit Ensure tha

How to be in constant contact with your mind.

The mind is perhaps the most important tool humans have. The subject of the mind spans multiple disciplines and specialties. For example, what the religious authorities call the soul is thought to be the mind in the scientific circles. Simply put; consciousness, memory, perception, thinking ability and reasoning are believed to pertain to the mind. In today’s highly competitive world, mind power is of extreme importance. Differences in mind power may help explain why some are homeless and living in the streets for years, while others live in mansions employing chefs, security, chauffeurs and other ancillary staff. In life, there are times when we could act ‘out of our minds’, that is, we have acted without communication with the mind. Driving while intoxicated or physically abusing a spouse are easy examples of ‘out of mind’ action. Although some may frown at this suggestion, but social problems such as rampant divorce may be explained from poor reasoning ability when it comes to
The Earth, itself, is like a huge gigantic wild farm where survival is a daily goal. This wild farm is organizationally different from what modern humans would create. If you walk into any modern farm, you expect to see some form of ‘human’ order. You will see oranges planted in a linear fashion. This linear planting fashion is not just aesthetically pleasing, it makes it easy for the plants to be tended to and also makes the harvest easier. One cardinal theme, you will notice in any farm is that a seed or plant is placed on the ground (or the equivalent) and then the waiting begins. This is what I call ‘plant and wait.’ It is the job of the farmer to provide fertilizer, water and other protection to enable the seed grow successfully into maturity. Weed removal, occurs at this period. Now the human mind is also like a farm. If you plant something there, you have to wait on it for it to grow. The mind and the body are together, hence the phrase ‘mind-body.’ In essence, when you

Consider your mind; use topical pain creams whenever possible.

The human mind is one of the most important tools we have for daily living. The state of a person’s mind could determine if the person is going to live or die in a certain situation. Take, for example, TJ who is a lawyer and is partying in New Jersey with his family because of his parents 50 year wedding anniversary. The problem is TJ lives in New York and wants to get home. He has an 8.30 am client the next day and he wants to get home to some documents he will need for the meeting. TJ already had half a bottle of Champagne and makes the wrong call. He crashes his car at the Holland tunnel and ends up at Mount Sinai Hospital. Not only did he not make the appointment, he now has to face the legal consequences of driving under the influence of alcohol. It’s not just alcohol that can affect the inner workings of the mind; many classes of drugs are responsible for disrupting the mind’s ability to work optimally. These drugs including drugs used to manage pain disorders such as Narc