Dr. Uzoma Nwosu is a graduate of University of Nigeria Medical School and worked for several years in Clinical Medicine. He also worked in research positions in Abbott Laboratories, Pharmacia, Pfizer , and NYU. His book ‘The Chiology way to happiness’ is about the Chi. The Chi was described by Mbonu Ojike and Chinua Achebe as the ‘personal god’ of an individual. According to Ojike, “a man’s Chi is equal to that man..”. Dr. Nwosu describes the Chi as the summary of an individual. The content of the Chi of an individual determines their destiny or outcomes. For example, if the Chi contains negative emotions such as fear, anger, frustration, depression, jealousy, anxiety, etc, they may experience a misfortune. An Individual, who has ‘hypertension’ in their Chi, may have a stroke. Ordinarily, an individual would endeavor to be as healthy as possible. Mental health is as important as physical health.
One of the ways to relax the mind is through the breath known as ‘ume’. Oxygen obtained from the breath, is converted into energy in the cell mitochondria. Energy is also known as ‘ume’. When we slow our breaths down to about 5 breaths per minute, we begin to relax after about 10 minutes. This new relaxed state can be described as ‘umeana’. A person with umeana is widely known to be strong, productive, diligent, respectful, and well-behaved.
The Chiology way to happiness contains a description of the Chi and how an understanding of the Chi could be used in the pursuit of success and happiness. This book allows you to assess how knowledgeable the ancient Igbo people were in the understanding of the workings of life.
It’s a book that would relax you and help you enter into the realm of happiness.


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