Royal Chi affirmations


The Chi of Igbo and Africa.

The Chinese have their concept of the Chi (Qi, Xi) which can be understood as energy. The Africans also have a concept, known as the Chi, which can be understood as energy.

Three ways of being that would lead you to success..

# Earthspeech Based on hundreds of years of experience with humans on Earth, the ancient Africans identified three ways of being that leads to success; 1. Being peaceful- I bi na Udo 2. Being friendly- I di na mma (mma-mma) 3. Being thoughtful-Ako na Uche Regards, # Earthspokesman

The Chi board will help you focus on your cause.

If you have a cause or goal, you will find that you may face all types of obstructions and discouragement even from your friends.The Chi board helps you focus on your cause. Read more here;

Carnelian agate and manifesting your heart desire.

Carnelian is an Agate that has been used by Priests and Royals for centuries in Africa and around the world. Carnelia is not just jewelry or an ornament; it is a very useful meditation tool that is utilized in manifesting the desires of someone’s heart. Meditation is good for the mind and has been shown to be useful in stress, anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, high blood pressure, anger, aggression and similar emotional conditions. Read more about how to use Carnelian in; Royal Igbo Meditation;

The Chiology way to happiness

This book outlines a pathway that begins and ends with the Chi. The aim is to take the reader to a place where they are one with everything. Chiology way to happiness

How to use Carnelian in meditation

Carnelian is a gemstone used in meditation. Meditation is known to be useful in stress, anxiety, depression, ptsd (post-traumatic stress disorder), anger, frustration, high blood pressure, and similar conditions. It is also associated with improvements in quality of life (QoL). It is part of a positive lifestyle regimen and is useful in performance motivation. In Global Chiology, our intention is to use carnelian to get you to a state known in ancient times as ‘mma-mma’ which is beauty squared (beauty raised to the power of 2, beauty²). Find out more from the book; Royal Igbo meditation Click here to purchase it at amazon.